The Womb Girdle, “The 4 Goddesses in Me”, symbolizes the cyclic nature of women: our menstrual cycle, our connection to the moon cycle and the four seasons, and to the four Archetypes of the Goddess within every woman.

Woven in red thread it denotes the cycle of blood and life. It is adorned with 4 precious stones: green jade which represents the archetype of the Maiden, rose quartz which represents the archetype of the Mother, purple amethyst which represents the archetype of the Enchantress, and red coral which represents the archetype of the Crone.

In the centre, placed directly in front of the Womb, all four stones are joined together, representing  All the Goddesses , as well as 3 representations of the Moon: a silver waxing Moon, a crystal full Moon and a silver waning Moon.

This Womb Girdle provides a wonderful connection to the four Goddess Archetypes for women with a menstrual cycle, and for women who are passing through or have passed the menopause, it is a wonderful reminder that they have these 4 Goddesses integrated within them.

Allow this Womb Girdle to empower your connection with the 4 Goddess Archetypes in you, and to fully celebrate the beauty of your femininity.

Available in 3 adaptable sizes, please indicate your size in the ORDER NOTES.

                                                                                           Size Small (92-96 cm hip)

                                                                                          Size Medium (98-101cm hip)

                                                                                          Size Large (102-106cm hip)

If these sizes are not good for you, please let me know desired length and I will elaborate it for you.


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