Network weaving

«Gratitude is the heart’s memory» Lao Tse.


                                                               Thanks with all my heart:

Jordi Rubio, my companion on the road, for encouraging me and supporting my dream.

Sophia Style for planting that seed that flourishes today.

Miranda Gray for his generosity and dissemination of Diosaluna in their workshops around the world.

Marianna from  Gaya’s Arboleda, for the inspiration that I found in her texts.

Soraya Lesta, Doula of HilandoLunas,  for the accompaniment of physical and emotional creation with so much Magic and Love.

Andrea Secchi, for her patience, generosity and professionalism.

Manolo Sierra, to translate into painting my wishes for the logo with such beauty and sensitivity.

Albert Ferrer, for his holistic picture caring and pampering of all the details.

Montse Guardiola, to give so much love in this project by opening her home and heart.

Paqui Alba, my mother, for creating the cute bags that accompany each piece.

Maribel Lopez, my sister, for her dedication and support in everything I do.

Sandra Sánchez, for bringing me the best treasures from Orient : The STONES.

Women training “Women Cyclic” 2013/2014, MY TRIBE.

To all those beautiful people who have been and are on my path of life who enrich me with their friendship, knowledge and love.

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