I was born one morning in the month of March in Vic, Barcelona, and I was given the name Eva. Maybe it was a premonition, perhaps not, the fact is that I recognize myself in its meaning: source of life and creation’.

Some years ago I never imagined that I would make this affirmation. Back then, I’d just arrived in Mexico with a will to help and change things, and as usual, it was Mexico and its people who helped me. I experienced a strong identity crisis. What had served me well previously no longer did, I knew what I didn’t want but I still didn’t know what I desired, much less what really made my heart beat.

That’s when I retreated to a small village in Guatemala, renting a room in a neighbourhood of artisans. What followed is a long story, suffices to say that one day one of the artisans gave me a bag of seeds, taught me two knitting techniques and said: “Do something”.

That was the beginning.Those artisans not only taught me different techniques and the art of macrame, which since then I have nourished through the shared generosity of many talented artisans, but also they helped me understand the true art of weaving and this begins with life itself. So I picked up the threads of my life and I began to give them form.

I arrived in that Guatemalan village full of doubts and I left it with a great certainty: I am an Artisan.

I believe in what I create. My goal is not to embellish but to empower, it’s not the aesthetic beauty but the beauty of the awakening of our divine essence.

From here was born Hilando Lunas. That is why it is not just a project, a company … HILANDO LUNAS is a journey of the soul. A trip to the sound, of my heartbeat, my search and my path of transformation which manifests itself through the art of weaving and creating in the service of the feminine essence.

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