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The POWER JEWELS are born to develop a conscious craft and to help us wake up or anchor ourselves in our own inner strength.

Transcending the ornamental, these unique pieces are the result of the support of different life processes: transition, celebration, opening, closing, search, … So to me, it’s important to keep at least one (virtual or physical) meeting prior to the development of the piece, whether it’s for you or for another person.From listening and understanding what you want for the jewel, we will find your stone.

A Jewel Power is a conscious necklace, a piece that in its manufacturing process is inspired by music, a mantra, an element and finally a meditation, and honoring the power of creation.

The result is a Jewel that can help us in our vital process to empower and consciously evoke the divinity that each of us carry within.

The process is completely handmade and each piece is carefully prepared for delivery, accompanied by its own history: the qualities of the stone, the creative process and the blessings that have nurtured the piece.

If it resonates with you in some way, if you have questions or suggestions, I’d be happy to hear or read them.

Mail: hilandolunas@gmail.com

Teléfono: 651 11 28 37

Skype: hilandolunas artesania  

Sharing with you…

Eva manages to transform a piece of art craft in an object of power. She materializes the strength and the intuition that guides stone selection in a work of art that definitely speaks about me. The necklace is an expression of my being and I wear it  with respect and pleasure. It displays aspects of me that I hide and puts me in a place I do not easily dare to ocupy. Her work transmits her commitment, it’s a precious ability to separate from each creation, unique and unrepeatable. Thanks Powerful Artisan

Maite Sainz

My necklace is my talisman, my amulet when I give talks or workshops. Being close to my heart I feel that helps me find my real voice. An absolute gem.

Mònica Manso

The powerful talisman that Eva made for me is amazing…just as amazing as the experience of opening up the box for the first time, light the candle and discover what ¨¨my¨ talisman is all about.
If you want to give a very original gift to someone special, I would always recommend to contact Eva and let yourself be guided by her talent for creating a transcendental, unique and very personal gift.

It was a gift to see again how an intention and a way of doing things provokes a magic effect, that helps me connect wih my dualities: my strengths, my weaknesses, my light and my darkness…all this is with me when I wear the necklace, and above helps me intergrate in this moment in my life. From the interior all this is suggested to me by the necklace, and from the exterior, it’s a precious piece, delicat and beautiful. Congratulations Eva for doing magic with the stones, the weaving of the threads and the heart of those who order!

Montse Romero

I have a necklace of power with a tiger’s eye. When I wore it for the first time I had the feeling I have always carried it with me; in fact I sleep and take a shower with it without noticing. I feel protected and embraced by him.

I’m in love with the work of the artisan / magician because, besides the beauty of the stone and it’s housing, her jewels exude love and magic.

When I have to give a special gift I do not doubt.

Inés de la Calle

The first time I saw my necklace Tonantzin” (as she was baptized) I said, is this really for me ? Just it’s presence fills me with power. I wear it when I want to connect with my personal power and manifest my inner self, and it works! I’m in love with this gem and all the jewelry you créate Eva. Every time I see one, it is as if I see the soul of the woman who wears it. Pure Life made Beauty.

Eider Marmolar

I still remember the feeling I had opening the box containing the necklace so lovingly made... The green of the forests, it’s magic, it’s smell and strength touched my heart. I thank my dear Eva for the emotion I felt and for the conection with my inner desire. It is clear it has been conceived and born with love, and every time I wear it,  it touches me like a rumor of trees and  running deer 

Eva Duran

Whenever I want to feel accompanied, sheltered, strengthened, whenever you want to express something important, something that is hard to me to say , when I want to listen to my inner voice, when I want to listen to the voice and soul of another, in a delicate situation, a ritual, I wear this necklace as a choker. Lapislázuli, land washed by oceans, sky furrowed by stars and a Red cristal, a drop of menstruating blood, that nourishes, that flows, the Sisterhood. That’s how i feel when I wear it. Thank you Eva.

María Muñoz Cobo

I fell in love with Malachite and Eva wrapped her life and especially wrap me. It is my power stone. Literally … when I put it on … I can.

Montse Guardiola

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